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Piano Wars

Conceived and written by: Ashton Wolf


Copyright ©2006

Library of Congress Registration No. PAu3-086-968


“The search is on for the next best dueling piano players in America."

Contestants compete for $100,000 and a 1 year contract at the top Dueling Piano Show in the Nation


There are over 100 dueling piano rooms in this country alone.  It is estimated that over 5 million people visit Dueling Piano bars in the United States on a yearly basis.

All the drama, comedy, tragedy and poignant moments of life are rolled into one as we reveal the “behind-the-scenes” world of Dueling Piano. There are interviews with those who started the concept – revealing the history from its inception at Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans to that now notorious moment when someone played the famous “eight note intro” to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll” and the phenomenon of “Dueling Pianos” was born.

There are stories of drug addiction and alcoholism. Stories of infidelity and shattered lives. Stories of tragedy (like the boating accident that killed several duelers when their boat took off across the Ohio River late one night and were slammed into by another boat) And of course, we will reveal the triumphs as well; from those who have successfully mastered the concept to the story of Billy Joel arriving at a Las Vegas Dueling Piano Club to pick out the lead role for his Broadway production of “Movin’ Out.”

Then there are the auditions; those vying for a shot to train in the highly lucrative world of Dueling Pianos. This is better than American Idol because not only do those auditioning have to sing, they have to be piano players, entertainers, comedians, cheerleaders and choir directors as well. Some can do it. Some can’t. Of course, some will be amazing; others will be absolutely ridiculous and hysterically funny! And then there are the trainers; some are tough, hard boiled, edgy characters— others, as flamboyant as Liberace himself. The entire spectrum is covered here.

Then we go into the clubs where hundreds of people are singing along to their favorite tunes: “Piano Man”, “American Pie”, “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, “Livin’ on a Prayer”— Everything from the 50’s to the 70’s; Chuck Berry, Elvis, Elton, Billy Joel, Eagles, REO Speedwagon —and then there’s the music of the 80’s, 90’s and today; Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Sublime, Dave Mathews…You name it, the notorious dueling piano men and women can play it. From Rock and Country to Reggae and Rap. There’s something here for everyone.

The scenes inside the clubs are a feast for the eyes; drunken fools singing “out of tune” at the top of their lungs – other poignant moments where sailors and military men hit the stage to battle it out with their theme songs —but then come together for the National Anthem. There’s the world famous “College Fight Song Wars” where schools battle to see whose team wins. And then there are the real fights that sometimes ensue over a jealous girlfriend or boyfriend.

You’ll see birthdays and Bachelorettes roasted “live” on the stage with silly, suggestive, impromptu lyrics being sung to recognizable melodies. And there are the now famous “Ba-Donka-Donk” contests - where the girls shake their booties for the top prize — and the “Elvis” contest (where geeks and fools alike strut their stuff in the most ridiculous of fashions to be crowned “The King” by the screaming crowd of girls acting as judges.)

You’ll experience the world-famous “ShowTimes,” where the staff and bartenders join in to perform “Coyote-Ugly-Style” on top of tables and bars - and on the pianos themselves!  This is non-stop, interactive audience participation madness at its best!

We’re even going to take a cruise on the high seas; At least two of the International Cruise Lines have a Dueling Piano Show - People from around the world are witnessing the experience…

From New York to L.A. – from Seattle to New Orleans - millions of fans have been mesmerized, and now an entire nation is about to be captivated by the phenomenon known as, “Dueling Pianos”!


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