Ashton Wolf / Photos

The first three photos are from my most recent concert at the Newport Syndicate, October 1, 2010! 

                     Me and my band on stage June 19th, 2010 / Greaves Concert Hall                                                       Me, the band and the featured dancers! 

                                                            Ashton Wolf 

                                                   Karl Dappen - Alto Sax 

                                 "Mad Dog" Mike Mavridoglou on Trumpet 

                                Singer Samantha Carlson with Tony Bennet 

                        Back-up Singers Jacklynn Fraser and Sandy Thorne 

                                                    Art Caddell on guitar 

                                         Doug Quadrano - Tenor Sax 

                                        Featured Dancer - Ashley Elizabeth 

                                            Back-up Vocalist Elliana Kirsh

                                                   Steve Ellerman - Bass 

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